Rental Rates

Rental Rates

Rental rates and any applicable discounts are established through an annual by-law subject to City Council approval. Rates are based on various criteria such as residency, affiliation status with the City, facility or field type and time of day.

Outdoor Field Rental Rates

Outdoor field rental rates are based on surface type (grass or artificial turf), whether the field is lit, unlit or a school field, residency and/or affiliation with the City.

Arena and Ice Rental Rate

Affiliation and Residency status definitions

Affiliated Youth/School Board

A Mississauga-based group that provides organized league-based sport activities for youth.

Community Sport Groups

League-based, not-for-profit, non-affiliated youth or adult competitive sport organizations led by an elected Board of Directors of not less than five volunteer members, with a minimum of 80 percent Mississauga residents. Adult leagues within an Affiliated Youth Sport Group are recognized as Community Sport Groups.

Resident Group

An adult sport group or league that has Mississauga resident representation.

Non-Resident and Commercial Groups/Private Groups

  • Organizations or individuals that book facilities with the intent of generating positive net income (profit);
  • Businesses providing recreational opportunities for their employees; or
  • Local youth or adult user groups that are comprised of non-Mississauga residents.

Regional Sport Group

A sport group that includes team representation from the Peel Region, neighbouring regions or defined league boundaries.