Strategic Plans


The Mississauga Sport Plan, endorsed by City Council in June 2013, is about investing in sport, working together with community partners and making good use of our facilities.

This 5 year plan is expected to guide staff and community sport organizations in providing quality sport programs in Mississauga. The focus is on developing community partnerships, public engagement and investments to improve sport delivery in the City.

Mississauga Sport Plan


The Sport Tourism Strategy, approved by City Council in April 2013, focuses on attracting tournaments and major sporting events to the city. It outlines Mississauga as a sport destination. Large numbers of spectators are expected to support local hotel, retail, and food and beverage industry in Mississauga.

Mississauga Sports Tourism Strategy


The 2014 Future Directions for Recreation (also referred to as the Recreation Master Plan) guides the City of Mississauga in delivering future recreation facilities, programs and services over a five year period to 2019, with a longer term outlook to 2031.  Future Directions provides an innovative, sustainable and fiscally responsible plan that sets the future direction of recreation facilities, programs and services.  

Future Directions