Planning Resources

Planning Resources to Host Sport Events and Tournaments

There are a number of excellent sport facilities in Mississauga for you to host your event and tournament. Below is a comprehensive list of planning resources that you may wish to have at your event/tournament. Your organization must complete the steps under each specific resource you require in order to have the applicable permit(s) and/or license(s) in place.

The City of Mississauga has developed a Municipal Alcohol Policy to ensure the City-owned facilities remain safe and enjoyable places for residents and visitors. The policy provides guidelines regarding the permitting of alcohol functions and obtaining special occasion permits (SOP), required for all functions involving alcohol.

If you are planning to host an event at a City of Mississauga Facility and serve alcohol, there are a number of steps you must follow:

Forms to Complete

Where the presence of alcohol has been approved, the organizer will receive a MAP (Municipal Alcohol Policy) package from the staff liaison outlining the responsibilities of the organizer. This package will include a "no objections letter" that the organizer must submit to the AGCO (Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario) with their application. The organizer is then responsible for:

  1. Applying and obtaining a Special Occasion Permit through the AGCO at (additional approving agencies include the Peel Health, Mississauga Fire Department and Peel Regional Police)
  2. Some requests to serve alcohol on City property require a "Resolution of Council". Contact Clerks to determine processing time and next steps.
  3. Reviewing the documents in the MAP package; completing and returning the "Conditions of Serving Alcohol Agreement" and the "Transportation Plan". The "Transportation Plan" and the "It’s the Law" document must be copied and displayed prominently in various locations throughout the service area.
  4. Ensuring the serving area permitted is fenced according to AGCO requirements; all fencing, set up, and tear down are the responsibility of the Event Organizer.
  5. Provide additional security coverage throughout the site as well as officers located at all entrances/exits of the serving area.

Not all parks allow for sound systems or amplified sound.

Operation of amplified sound may only occur in parks Monday - Saturday between the hours of 7:00am - 5:00pm & 9:00am - 5:00pm on Sundays. Requests for exemptions to the Noise Control By-Law have to be submitted to the Compliance and Licensing Enforcement Office a minimum of eight (8) weeks before the event date.

Compliance and Licensing Enforcement Section at 905-615-3200 ext. 5655

Noise Exemption Application Form

Use of Propane tanks for commercial purposes should be carefully monitored at all times. All tanks must be properly labeled according to content by suppliers and secured vertically by chains to a stable support. Technical Safety Standards Association (T.S.S.A.) Fuel Safety Inspectors must check propane fuelled cooking and/or heating appliances and tank storage areas where commercial appliances with multiple tanks or cylinders in excess of 20 lbs are utilized. Certificates of inspection must be obtained and proof of certification provided to liaison.

While in the park, no person shall use a solid fueled portable barbecue in an area OTHER than a designated area or without a permit; or use fuel other than charcoal or briquettes in a barbeque provided by the City, unless authorized by permit.

Technical Safety Standards Association (T.S.S.A.)

All electrical installations covered by the scope of the Ontario Electrical Safety Code ("OESC") in the province of Ontario require an application for Inspection (permit) to be filed with the Electrical Safety Authority ("ESA"), whether of a temporary nature or not. This would include all electrical installations connected by other than a standard configuration receptacle to a source of electrical power or energy – including a generator.

All productions and events shall file an application for inspection 48 hours prior to commencement of any electrical activity.

All electrical appliances must display a sticker indicating proof of inspection by the Electrical Standards Association (ESA) or the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

Requests for Inspection and or information at:

The Event Organizer is responsible for providing a highly visible first aid station/s as part of the event. Certified first aid attendant/s must be present.

If your event is open to the general public, Peel Public Health requires notification. Event organizer is required to complete an event application a minimum of 8 weeks prior to their event.

Information may also be submitted on-line through the Peel Public Health website

Upon receipt of notification, a Public Health Inspector will contact the event organizer and vendors to obtain any further information regarding food vendors and other details. A Public Health Inspector may conduct inspections at your event

If you are selling food to the public, you will be required to purchase a mobile event license. See Vendor / Mobile Licensing Information. You will be required to provide proof of notification to the Health Department. Make sure that you print your application.


Outdoor festivals and events are by their nature subject to inclement weather.

In the case of thunder and lightning, the event organizer is required to shut down the stage to reduce the risk of being hit by lightning. Only when 30 minutes have passed without hearing thunder should event activity be allowed to resume.

The location of this activity requires location approval due to potential turf damage. All technical specs and contact information of the rental company must be provided in order for approval to be given. Inflatables must be secured with sand bags or water barrels, not pegs or stakes.

If structure requires tethering because of height and size a proper stakeout (locates) is required. This is to be arranged with the Parks Supervisor and/or Staff Liaison. ***please be advised that there is a fee for a stakeout.

It is also recommended that the rental company also provide qualified staff to supervise inflatables.

In accordance with City By-law 0264-2007, Mandatory Liability Insurance requirements, all Indoor & Outdoor Special Events/tournaments require liability insurance.

You must provide a Certificate of Insurance at least eight (8) weeks prior to the event. Event Insurance is required in the amount of $2 million or $5 million as determined by your staff liaison.

Facility Insurance Requirements.

Parking is NOT GUARANTEED nor includes exclusive use of parking lots, particularly adjacent to Community Centres. Event participants should use designated areas only. Illegally parked vehicles on grassed areas, roadways, etc., will be tagged or towed away at the owner's expense Depending on the size of your event, your Staff Liaison may request a parking strategy


Every applicant for a temporary road closure should file an application with the Transportation and Works Department.

City Roads - Applications for temporary road closures not exceeding twentyfour (24) hours shall be filed eight (8) weeks in advance, and applications for temporary road closures exceeding twenty-four (24) hours shall be filed twelve (12) weeks in advance of the special event.

Regional Roads - You are required to complete a letter of intent to be sent to the Region of Peel a minimum of five (5) weeks before the event. This letter of intent must also be sent to the Ontario Provincial Police.

City of Mississauga
Transportation and Works, Traffic Operations
(905) 615-3200 ext 3638

Participants and patrons at all events should be adequately safeguarded.

Event Organizer may be asked to prepare a Security Plan that is reviewed by Staff Liaison, City of Mississauga Corporate Security and Peel Regional Police. If the security plan is insufficient for the event activities, the Event Organizer must hire additional security, and/or Peel Regional Police coverage as recommended.

The Security Plan provides identification of high risk areas (eg. stage during a popular performance), types of guards patrolling (eg. Private, Corporate Security, Peel Pay Duty Officers), times and route of patrols, and a list of artists performing at the event.

If you are required to hire Peel Regional Police, you should give as much notice as possible. Minimum of three hours is required. For more information, visit:

Private Security Company must provide the following;

  1. An insurance certificate for the date of the event naming the City as an additional insured for general liability in the amount of $2 million
  2. A copy of their business licence
  3. Copies of current licenses of guards who will be present during the event
  4. Overnight security is mandatory for events where equipment is left set up overnight on City property.

Location(s) and size(s) event signs are limited and must be approved by The City of Mississauga and must not cause safety and or site line issues. Signage must not obscure any City Signage and or City sponsor logos.

Road Signs - there are a number of conditions, which must be considered and met. These are set out in Sign By-law 54-02 as amended and the City of Mississauga Corporate Policy entitled "Portable Signs on Road Allowances" (05-01-08).

Inquires may be directed to the Sign Unit at 905-615-3200 ext. 4169.

Event Organizers are required to submit a detailed site plan to their staff liaison prior to the event. Event permit will not be issued without an approved site plan

All music, either pre-recorded or live, played at a public event is subject to tariffs governed by SOCAN and Re-Sound. As the venue owner, the City of Mississauga is responsible for the appropriate collection of fees for the "fair compensation" for artists, musicians and recording companies when others make use of their recorded performances and or sound recordings. It is the Event Organizer’s responsibility to ensure that Staff Liaison’s is aware of any SOCAN and Re-Sound implications so that the appropriate fee can be applied to the event permit. Details can be found on their website at

Do you require a permit for your tent (s)?

The Ontario Building Code provides that a tent (or group of tents) is exempt (does not) from having to obtain a building permit. Under Section 8 of the Act, exempt ion from compliance with the Code provided that the tent or group of tents are,

  • Not More than 60 m2 (under 20 x 30 ft) in aggregate ground area
  • Not attached to a building
  • Constructed more than 3 m from other structures.
  • Tents that require a building permit (MORE than 20 x 30 ft in aggregate area) is the responsibility of the tent rental company and should adhere to the recommended processing time (30 days).
  • All tents (including canopy covers) require permission/approval from the parks supervisor and or liaison and noted on the event site plan.
  • Tents must be secured by sandbags or rubberized concrete weights. Tents that are improperly secured will be removed at the expense of the event organizer.
  • Tents that require locates / stakeouts must make arrangements with parks supervisor at the event organizers expense.
  • The City of Mississauga's Zoning By-law 0225-2007 limits the number of days that a tent may be located on a property. A tent is permitted to be located on a property for a maximum of 14 consecutive days and may be erected for a maximum of 28 days in one calendar year.

Completed Building Permit Application Form

Building Permit Fee, in accordance with the Building By-law, subject to change, and is payable upon application submission.

Every tent shall include five (5) copies of the following:

  • A fully dimensioned floor plan layout showing: the proposed tent(s) location relative to property lines and all existing structures, the location of washroom facilities and demonstrate compliance with the O.B.C., and
  • location of cooking equipment, if applicable.
  • identify the use of all floor areas within the tent
  • indicate location and size of exits on the perimeter of tent, and indicate if the tent is enclosed with any sidewalls Note: The headroom clearance for doorways is a minimum of 2.3m (6ft 8in).
  • A letter detailing: proposed event and specifying the number of tents to be erected with the maximum number of persons occupying each tent at one time, whether alcoholic beverages are served (separate L.L.B.O approval is required), if there is food preparation and if cooking equipment is required, and identify the number of days that the tent will be erected on site on the application form.
  • Tent manufacturer's design and specifications for the supporting framing structure and anchorage system for a tent occupying an area greater than 225 m2 shall be designed and reviewed by a Professional Engineer.
  • Include documentation demonstrating that the fabric (material) complies with CAN/ULC-S109, "Flame Tests of Flame-Resistant Fabrics and Films" or NFPA 701, "Fire Tests for Flame Propagation of Textiles and Films."

Fire Safety Requirements

  • Tents shall meet the match flame test in N.F.P.A. 705 "Standard Methods of Fire Tests for Flame-Resistant Textiles and Film."
  • Shall have two clear and unobstructed exits at opposite ends
  • Shall be free of combustible vegetation for at least 3 metre in each direction
  • Shall be clear of other tents or structures by at least 3 metres in each direction
  • Shall have a continuous fire watch to keep exits clear
  • Shall have post at least 2 Emergency Telephone locations signs
  • Shall have posted at least 2 NO SMOKING signs
  • No cooking operation shall be permitted in any tent structures, cooking operations shall be located at least five (5) metres from tents and all other structures
  • Fire Extinguishers be provided for all tents (3A 10BC rating for every 300 M2)
  • Refuse containers, shall be non-combustible with covers
  • Open flame devices (candles) shall not be permitted within a tent or air supported structure unless approved by the Chief Fire Official.

Smoking shall not be permitted within a tent or air supported structure.

Any vehicles approved to access the event site will be reflected on the final event contract. It is the responsibility of the event organizer to ensure that any vehicle access is done in a safe manner, ensuring pedestrian and vehicle safety.

Permission must be obtained to place any display vehicles on site at an event. All other vehicles are subject to parking and traffic regulations. Vehicles are not permitted to stay on site during an event.

The event organizer is responsible for providing a list of vendors taking part in the event, and to provide proof of Health Department notification.

Vendors can obtain a special event permit through Mobile Licensing. Fee for a Special Event License is $ 51.00. Please allow 10 business DAYS (at least two weeks) processing time, those not allowing adequate processing time, take the risk that their application may be declined.

All vendors must comply with licensing requirements vendors may be required to provide:

  • Confirmation of permission from event organizer to participate
  • Completed event vendor form
  • Provide proof of insurance (original copy of certificate and or email from broker directly to mobile licensing)
  • TSSA approved propane inspection certificate (food vendors)
  • Vehicle ownership (food vendors)
  • Vehicle Safety Certificate (food vendors)
  • Peel Health Inspection Certificate (food vendors)

Appropriate licenses and insurance are required and must be prominently displayed during an event.

Display Vendors do not require insurance unless the activities are deemed medium to high risk. If a vendor does not have the appropriate insurance, insurance is available through the city for a fee.

Mobile Licensing
3235 Mavis Rd Main Floor
(905) 615-3200
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Region of Peel Special Event Application for Food Vendors
Technical Safety Standards Association

Short walks/runs that are less than 5km must have a well-marked route with identified, route marshals, first aid & water stations.

Walkathons using public trails are expected to promote and incorporate proper trail etiquette as part of their event plan.

Larger events that may involve road allowances will need to complete a road occupancy permit (see road occupancy application).

Depending on the size, location and type of event, you may be required to meet existing governing body sanctioning guidelines of the sport.

The route should be well marked and clean up of the markers must occur immediately following your event. You are not allowed to attach markers to any trees.

A communication tool for volunteers in case of emergencies along the route is required

Cross Country Runs are only hosted in specific parks are subject to parks pre approval. Inquiries can be made to the Parks and Forestry Division (905) 615-3200 ext 3407

Recycling at events is a responsible way to help keep our City clean and green. Our parks do provide recycling containers however; eligible events are encouraged to make arrangements with the Region of Peel for special event recycling services by completing an online application form available at .

Event organizer is responsible for the removal and disposal of any items no longer require by the group. Any oversized items must be disposed of offsite.

If you require washrooms/port-o-lets for your event or tournament please contact customer service centre for assistance at 905-615-4100.

If your event includes water activities, you will be required to meet requirements set out by the Marina Manager (and possibly require Coast Guard and or require Peel Regional Police, Marine Unit presence).